I married a US citizen in June 2014, Mr. Morales and his team sorted me out in 3 months. As well as being amazingly well priced, they go above and beyond with their services. I am using Mr. Morales to petition for my sister also. Go see him, you won’t regret it!

Myron was more than a legal counsel to us, he really became our friend. Just an unbelievably nice guy who cares about each and every case that he is working, who is remarkably skilled and knowledgeable in his field.

Working with Myron was easy and with great results. He was able to find best solution for us, both in terms of speed and costs. Also, where other lawyers just guessed a strategy, Myron knew right away what will work and what not. Thank you!

Myron is an extremely competent and hard working attorney, who gives his expertise and dedication to each and every client, with professionalism and consideration. He was able to advise me on ways to help our case go smoother and faster, and with great results! Highly recommended!

Best immigration attorney ever. We work with several [sorry Myron - it was not always my decision 🙁 ] but Myron produced by far the best results. I think that beside his deep knowledge in the field, he is a very lucky person. Thanks Myron, for all the great help!

It was a pleasure to work together with Myron, who is a passionate Immigration Attorney. I can recommend Myron as a person with great background, deep knowledge of the immigration laws and integrity. Independent, precise and ambitious, understands complex matters and get things done. Customer focused and reliable professional. He denotes a strong determination to fulfill his goals, while being honest to others. Makes the impossible possible.

Myron is truly a top immigration lawyer.

My husband and I had a fantastic experience working with Myron. We are not immigration newbies, as we have worked with a handful of immigration attorneys around the country for various immigration matter/visa type. We came to understand how important a knowledgeable, experienced, engaged and passionate lawyer is, and importantly, how difficult they are to come by. For our marriage case, we have consulted and interviewed half a dozen lawyers, including many that we have worked with before and have great respect for. 10 minutes into our meeting with Myron, and despite having never met him before, we know we've found our lawyer. Not only does Myron know the in and out of immigration laws, he can answer every single questions with specific details that other lawyers failed to mention. Most of our questions are not straightforward and plain-vanilla. It was clear that he had thoroughly thought about them in the course of his practice, and he is truly obsessed with details - a great trait for an immigration lawyer. We can tell that he also has an excellent understanding of the current trend and recent development in the immigration space. We are very happy with the final product and are appreciative of Myron's advise all along the way.

First, I'd like to commend Myron Morales' staff for always being helpful and prompt. His firm recently helped my family with Naturalization, B2 visa for my sister and her family, additionally, my brother just consulted with him regarding a special Immigrant visa for diplomatic, we trust them which is very important especially when it is dealing with immigration status. BEST IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY GOD COULD'VE FOUND ME!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE FOR ME AND MY LOVED ONE'S!

I have always had the idea of lawyers saying the right things to get your money, then afterwards they no longer care. You have to go looking for them, they are either too busy with a new client to attend any concerns you may have, and in the end, they keep your money, and then say your best outcome is to plead guilty because they don't care to pursue your case even if you are innocent, because like I said, they've already got their payments. Mr. Myron on the other hand is the complete reverse of all I have just described of a lawyer. I was placed in a position where I was given 3 days or less to find an immigration attorney. I didn't know where to begin, and in legal matters I am completely naive. Needless to say in a moment of despair, my wife ccalled a lawyer whom we almost hired, and seconds away from hiring him, I decided to check his ratings! That was the smartest idea I could've made! This man was a scammer. So I seeked further and God placed Mr. Myron Russell Morales on my screen. The second he spoke to me, I felt a sense of relief. I hired him and he has walked with me every step of the way!! You don't have to try tracking him down like other attorneys because he is the one pushing for your success!!! Any little doubt, he takes the time to explain to your understanding, no matter how naive to legal matters one is. He is not the attorney that takes pride in the amount of money he gets from client's, he takes pride in the amount of success he hands his client's! He is passionate in what he does, and gives his client's, not what he takes!! What I felt so impossible to reach, he has made it possibly and I am moments away from receiving my work permit! BEST attorney you can find, and worth his price for my freedom!!! THANK YOU MR. MYRON RUSSELL MORALES AND GOD BLESS YOU.

Myron treats his clients with patience, respect, and kindness. I have been impressed by his ability to turn even difficult employment-based matters into situations that meet the client's needs and expectations.

I endorse this lawyer. Myron is conscientious and experienced, doing first-rate work for each client.

Myron is an excellent immigration attorney who is very knowledgeable in his field. I admire Myron's wonderful ability to explain the complexity of immigration law to clients in a clear and easy to understand manner. Always happy to refer all of my clients who need business immigration advice to Myron.

Myron is very knowledgeable, and has an extensive experience representing clients with very complex issues in immigration law, and doing so successfully. I endorse this lawyer because he is committed to his clients and our profession.

Myron Morales has been our Immigration Attorney since 2004, when I applied for my first work visa. My husband and I now have a Green Card and Myron helped us through the entire process. We are very grateful and strongly recommend his services.

Myron Morales, best Immigration attorney in Austin hands down. May sound like hyperbole but the man really is a frickin' genius.